Wild Rover Force-Free Dog Training 

Individual solutions for individual dogs

What happens after I contact you? include
We will start by sending you an in depth questionnaire designed to give a full picture of your dog's history and your life and daily routine together.

I will then arrange an initial consultation with you so I can go through the information in detail and meet your dog at home. We will discuss a plan to make small but effective changes in a way that will fit in with your life style.

This will include a detailed but easy to follow report with step by step instrucions on how to best carry out your bespoke training plan and any resources that I think will be helpful to you.

We can then arrange   a follow up, usually within 2 or 3 weeks to check how you are both getting on and if anything needs to be fine tuned. 

The first consultation will last for up to 90 minutess and the follow up will be around an hour. For behaviour such as on lead reactivity or puling on leash I can also offer a 45 minute rehabilitation walk with you both. This is a popular option as it offers optimum learning and support for both ends of the lead

What does it cost?
Initial Consultation £60
Follow Up                  £45
Rehabilitation Walk  £45

Discounts are available for follow ups booked at the time of first consultation

How many sessions will I require?
Dogs are such wonderfully complex creatures and no two cases are exactly alike. During the consultation I will always give you a fair and honest idea of how much commitment will be required to get the best results in terms of time and on going cost.

How Wild Rover Began

My life changed completely when I began assisting a friend with running dog training classes six years ago. I lhad no idea it would bring about a total career change but soon the interaction with dogs and owners became so rewarding I couldn't imagine doing anything.

Canine behavioural science became a real passion of mine and I found myself drawn into a fascinating new world, reading and watching all I could on the subject. I have also attended seminars with the wonderful people at Institute of Modern Dog Trainers https://www.imdt.uk.com/ and also Professional Association of Canine Trainers https://www.pact-dogs.com/ . 

Through classes I met people with reactive dogs who were unable to cope with group walks. I offered one to one walks for troubled dogs and I learnt so much more from them than anything I could have discovered in a text book.

It is so easy to tell the owner to stay calm and keep a loose leash, and talk to the dog in a positive manner with no tension in your voice. I quickly learnt that when YOU are the one with a dog on the end of the lead lunging and howling like a banshee while you wish the earth would swallow you up it really is not that simple

Fortunately the dogs always responded very well to the methods implemented on walks and the owners reaped the benefits of a calmer and happier dog and more enjoyable walks.  

The difference I made in the lives of both dogs and owner was so inspiring and rewarding that I decided to create Wild Rover Force-Free Training .